Safety Management System

BuildLearn: where work, health and safety… click!

BuildLearn is a robust and revolutionary, turnkey solution that gives you the right tools navigate all your WHS needs, with the full support of the BuildLearn team. Making BuildLearn the smarter choice in meeting your work, health and safety obligations.

Specifically designed as an online WHS management system to help principle builders and construction contractors in training, consultation, communication, record keeping and on-line field documentation in regards to site safety. Removing the hassle, and giving you more time to concentrate on other aspects of your business.

Why BuildLearn will work for you:

              • Turns your mobile phone or computer into your on-call WHS officer, training manager and policies and procedures library, all in one!
              • Accessible from any electronic device with internet access (mobile, tablet, computers etc.)
              • Engaging and easy to use
              • Removes the second handling of documents
              • Gives the right people access to relevant forms and sends verification upon completion 
              • All documents are backed up on our servers
              • Customised to your needs
              • Increases operational efficiency of your business

Who Uses BuildLearn?

1. Principle Builders

2. Construction Contractors (tradespeople)

3. Persons Conducting Business or Undertakings

4. Officers, Managers, Supervisors and Team Leaders

5. Workers

Building Inspectors Online Course

Buildlearn are proud to offer as part of their paid online courses "STANDARD PROPERTY INSPECTION REPORTS ; RESIDENTIAL BUILDINGS ". Please click here to view the course.