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    To pay by Credit Card using Paypal

    1. Select the purchase option from teh drop down box
    2. Click the "add to cart" button above,
    3. Click "Checkout" button,
    4. Then click the option at the bottom "Pay with a credit or debit card"
    5. Fill in the relevant bits of information in the bottom box headed "Pay with a credit or debit card".  An email address is required to send the invoice to.
    6. Click "Review and continue"
    7. NOTE that GST has automatically been added to the amount and will be shown on the invoice,
    8. If all is correct, make sure you do review it, then clcik the "pay now" button
    9. Then a screen will appear that gives you an overview of the sale.
    10. If doing this face to face, then also have a printer to print out the "Print Receipt" option so you can hand then a receipt straight away.
    11. Actually print out two receipts, one for them, and one for our records.

    Users can certainly pay via PayPal, which is the method PayPal wants us to use, and it is pretty easy to work that way out.

    And that is it.

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