Persons Conducting a Business (PCBU)

Persons Conducting a Business or Undertaking

BuildLearn would like to welcome all PCBU to the BuildLearn Safety Management System.

PCBU should complete all the courses which have been identified by the symbol pictured which you will find on the course front page.

Courses should be completed on a self paced basis.

Meaning of PCBU

A PCBU conducts a business or undertaking alone or with others.

To meet the definition the business or undertaking can operate for profit or not-for-profit.

The definition of a PCBU focuses on the work arrangements and the relationships to carry
out the work.

In addition to employer, a PCBU can be a corporation, an association, a partnership or sole trader.

A volunteer organisation which employs any person to carry out work is considered a PCBU.

You are not considered to be a PCBU if you:

  • are engaged solely as a worker or an officer
  • are an elected member of a local authority
  • are a volunteer association (which does not employ workers)
  • are a strata title body corporate responsible for common areas used only for residential purposes (so long as the body corporate does not directly employ workers)

PCBU must complete

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