What Principle Builders Require Construction Contractors to Complete

What Principle Builders Require Construction Contractors to Complete

Principle builders require compliance from construction contractors to complete works on building sites.

Construction contractors must complete

  • The General Safety Induction (annually)
  • Policies and Procedure Tutorial (self paced)
  • Housekeeping on a Residential Building Site
  • Tradesman's Safe System of Works (your trade only e.g if your a painter only complete the painters course)

Field Documentation

Before completing a job task, construction contractors must complete a

If a your job task includes a High Risk Construction you must complete a

Once the SWMS has been completed you must hold a toolbox meeting about the SWMS with all applicable workers on site.

Hazardous Substance Register

The principle and construction are obligated to keep a current hazardous substance register.

Construction contractors must complete the following BuildLearn on-line register if they use hazardous substances.

Construction contractors are obligated to send a current copy of the SDS product label to the principle builder.

Other hazard registers and on-line documentation is to be completed when required.

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