Recommended Safety App Store

BuildLearn strongly recommends to continually improve safety on residential building site.

To further enhance the BuildLearn On-Line Safety Management system, BuildLearn recommends the purchase and implemenetation of the following apps.

1. Ergonomics (free iPhone) - Great little award-winning app that provides stretching exercises designed for the workplace with programmable reminders. Also has games and challenges to get people to stretch throughout their day.

2. NIOSH Lifting Calculator ($2.99 App for iPhone and iPad) - This is quite a nifty app that has a five star rating. It's based on the highly regarded NIOSH Lifting Equation to “assist in the identification of ergonomic solutions for reducing physical stressors associated with manual lifting.” You can use this application at the job site to evaluate both existing and proposed lifting conditions to determine the Recommended Weight Limit (RWL) of a specific job or task. It can also help you prioritise hazardous jobs that require ergonomic intervention. Available in both metric and standard measurement.

3. NIOSH Chemical Hazards ($2.99 app for iPhone, iPad and Android) - This app is essentially the NIOSH pocket guide for chemicals. Provides a long list of chemicals and NIOSH recommended exposure limits. Also lists chemicals that are immediately dangerous to life, personal protection recommendations, physical descriptions, respirator information and so on.

4. Chem Alert (free and $3.99, iPhone & iPad) - Another chemical app. This is part of a more complex safety management system but you can get a free or lite version. Get access to 120,000 chemicals. Also summarises key chemical data sheet information. So rather than carry around big manuals, can refer to the app. The information is regularly updated.

5. Hazard Manager Solo (free app for iPhone and iPad) - This is a workplace inspection application, that allows you to automate the entry, configuration, and export of hazard points recorded on your workplace floor plan jpeg that you upload via i-Tunes.  It also has Dropbox integration.

6. Alcodroid (Android, Free)- For all the Android users out there, this is a good Android app that applies to you.  Fun little calculator to quickly assess whether your drinking has you over the limit (uses a variety of measuring units). AlcoDroid is an alcohol consumption tracker, drinks diary and blood alcohol content calculator. It helps you get a better handle of what you drink and change your drinking habits. Optionally, it also tracks costs of your drinks (good if you want to make sure your friends are shouting the correct amount of drinks!) 

7. dB Volume Meter (iPhone, 0.99c) - Handy little app to provide a guide as to whether noise from heavy machinery is too loud.  Although quite accurate, if it indicates a serious noise problem, you will need to get a professional Sound Pressure Level (SPL) meter.  However, it is a handy tool that shows sound issues.

8. First Aid - For Australian companies, take a look at the St John Ambulance version (Android and iPhone, $4.49) called First Aid.  User friendly and has emergency phone numbers for Australia.

9. StaySafe Business (iPhone, Android, Blackberry, free) - app to track lone workers in real time and to enable them to check in safely after meetings and travel. SMS and email alerts are triggered when people don't check in.  If used to ensure employees are safe (and not working), nice little app to build trust with workers that you care about them.

10. Iota Lone Worker (iPhone and iPad, free) - This is more for lone workers working in remote locations and you want to know that they're still there.  Tracks movement and will send alarm if they're not moving.  It has two modes of operation - interval timer mode and motion sensor.  This was developed by South East Water and has been trialled in remote locations.

10. Fatigue Calculator ($49.95 iPhone) - Handy app to check the suitability of tired people working that is legal and scientifically defensible.

Part of a greater system to manage fatigue in the workplace.

Last modified: Saturday, 21 September 2013, 3:12 AM